OurWorkouts are structured and easy to understand, everything is on the board! The workout changes daily but the structure is always the same, so you’ll gain a knowledge of how the class goes and what to expect.



The Warm Up ( 5 mins):

Dedicated to warming up the body and muscles using bodyweight, bands and light resistance. The point of this is to minimise the chances of injury.

Warm up

Strength & Conditioning ( 35- 40 mins):

Our Training is designed to be for both women and men to effectively make you stronger, fitter, faster, leaner and more flexible.

– Heavier resistance for strength ranging from barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, ( This is designed to make you stronger, fitter and faster while burning fat).

– Conditioning is less weight but with more intensity. Less breaks, less weight and more aerobic.

– You are under the watchful eye of your trainer to avoid injury and maximise technique


Cool Down and Foam Rolling ( 5 mins):

This is designed to promote blood flow, recovery and loosen out muscles, similar to getting  a massage for your muscles. It means you wont be as stiff the next day and promotes recovery.